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Our Team


Human Rights Connected draws upon the drive, expertise and creative energy of our team members and growing circle of independent international collaborators to fulfill our mission to make knowledge about strategic nonviolent action and human rights mechanisms more accessible to activists and human rights defenders. We also strive to foster a learning environment where our team and partners develop important skills while working toward our common vision.

Nicola Barrach-Yousefi
Founder and Executive Director

Based in Paris, France
Over a decade of experience working with and supporting movements and human rights defenders around the world designing and implementing field projects and programs including trainings, facilitation, curriculum design and translations. Senior Advisor for civic initiatives at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). Founded Human Rights Connected (HRC) in 2011. Passionate about civil resistance theory and practice, human rights education and how new and old technology can be leveraged to advance human rights movements.

Matthew Parsons
Research & Operations Associate

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Directs research strategy and curation of practical resources for HRC’s human rights library. Manages operations and communications for our international team of collaborators. Aspiring human rights lawyer interested in racial justice, LGBTQ+ equity, and government transparency and accountability. Accreditation and Curriculum Coordinator at Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers, which works to make Baltimore’s economy more equitable and sustainable. Joined the HRC team in 2013 as a Research & Operations Intern.

Sabrina Sanchez
Education & Communications Associate

Based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Leads educational initiatives and supports implementation of communications techniques to inform human rights and civil resistance education to human rights defenders. Conducts research on the gaps of human rights education instruction. Educator, leader, and social justice advocate motivated by the power of youth resilience; Masters in international and multicultural education with human rights emphasis. Substantive experience working with nonprofit organizations. Joined HRC in 2015 as a Research & Operations Intern.

Laura Schroeder
Social Media Correspondent

Based in Washington D.C., USA
Live tweets human rights and nonviolent resistance-related events for HRC. Finishing a graduate degree in international policy and development at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey with a focus on human rights and policy advocacy. Passionate about Latin America with work experience in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Peru. Joined HRC in February 2017 as a Community Engagement Intern and continued as a Community Engagement Program Assistant and Podcast Producer.

Pouya Yousefi
Chief Technical Advisor

Based in Paris, France
Provides technical direction, support, and guidance for the HRC team. Currently serving the Analytics Center of Excellence in IQVIA as their Lead Data Science Developer, Pouya's 20+ year tech career has spanned working as a software developer, team lead, and principal consultant to more recently as a machine learning engineer. Passionate about natural language processing algorithms and repurposing them for behavioral pattern recognition.

Luke Chang
Web and Technical Intern

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Focuses on Web Design and User Experience. Currently pursuing a degree in Software Development and Security. Joined HRC in October 2017.