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Your Wellbeing as a Human Rights Activist: A Civic Charter Webinar

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The work performed by Human Rights Defenders (HRD’s) is formidable. Distress and confrontation are part of human rights work and take its toll on HRD’s mental health. Yet, activists are often expected to be psychologically well-balanced and available around the clock.

The International Civil Society Centre is breaking the stigma around talking about HRDs’ psychological health. In May, the Society in collaboration with Martina Nicolls hosted a webinar on the wellbeing of human rights activists. Martina – an experienced peace activist, environmentalist and writer – discusses emotional and physical health and shares valuable tips on how to cope with adverse conditions.

A full recording of the event is available for listening online.

The webinar addresses many of the challenges HRD’s experience working in the human rights field and beyond. From identifying symptoms to a knowing actionable steps to mitigate psychological distress, the webinar is diverse in nature.

The webinar is part of the Civic Charter, a 2016 declaration focusing on the 10 most important principles of human rights and civic participation. Since its conception, the Charter has become the cornerstone of a community of transnational activists. Together, HRD’s from diverse backgrounds come to share their strategies, resources and support one another in building effective and meaningful campaigns.

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Highlights from the webinar are also available on HRC’s Twitter, where our team live-tweeted insights from the discussion and takeaways from the closing Q&A session.

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This blog post was written by the HRC team: Education and Communications Intern, Denitsa Dimitrova, and edited by Education and Communications Associate, Sabrina Sanchez.

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