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Human Rights Connected is building a collaborative platform with resources useful to human rights defenders worldwide. We strive to grow our global engagement and develop an interactive human rights community. Help us achieve this goal by contributing useful and relevant content to our library!

There are three distinct databases making up the Human Rights Connected library:

Organizations & Initiatives Index

Organizations, institutions, initiatives and/or campaigns that promote, protect and implement human rights.

Law Resources

Relevant legal knowledge related to human rights, such as human rights instruments, research and academic papers, news articles, blog posts, and other educational materials.

Activist Toolkit

Practical resources that provide educational, financial, strategic, psychological, technical or capacity building support and assist in envisioning, planning, and implementing human rights campaigns and actions.

Standards for Submission

The quality of our content is our primary concern. Visit our featured stories section or our library to see what content we consider valuable contributions!

If you have any further questions or any problems in our library, please contact us.

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Fill out as much of the form as you can. The only required field is the URL that you wish to submit. Once we receive your submission, our staff will review it and add it to the database.