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Human Rights Connected built a collaborative platform to collect and share knowledge and resources for nonviolent movements and human rights defenders worldwide. We strive to develop an interactive community of practice around human rights activism. Contribute to this goal by adding practical content to our online library!

We have three libraries:

  • Organizations: compiles organizations, institutions, and campaigns that make up the landscape of the human rights sector. These organizations advocate, educate, connect, and provide other support to help human rights defenders promote and protect human rights.
  • Law Resources: includes practical law resources such as human rights treaties, glossaries, handbooks and other materials that provide legal support for human rights defenders. These resources explain basic legal concepts, the international framework for human rights, and how human rights defenders can access the legal framework.
  • Activist Toolkit: compiles links with practical tools, knowledge, and initiatives to help human rights defenders organize, plan, and grow their movements. These resources connect activists with a wide range of support including education, fundraising, technical support, and capacity building.


Once we receive your submission, an HRC team member will review the resource and add it to our database.

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    Standards for submission

    The quality of our content is very important to us. Visit our featured stories section or our library to see what content we consider valuable contributions!

    If you have any further questions or experience issues with our library, please contact us.

    Is this resource right for HRC?


    • The resource pertains to human rights or human rights law.
    • The resource contributes valuable information and data on human rights.
    • The resource provides valuable information on nonviolent strategies and tactics, human rights campaigns and initiatives.


    • Any organization/initiative/campaign, its work or activities must fall within the framework of international human rights standards.
    • Any entity featured or providing content for the database affiliated with a political party or government must explicitly be identifiable as such.


    • The resource must fit within the framework of international human rights standards. It must not discriminate or incite hatred.


    • The resource must not link to commercial content or websites.
    • The resource must be available directly without fees or subscriptions. This includes free subscriptions.
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