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Human Rights Connected (HRC) is seeking passionate individuals to join our team!

We are a remote-based organization run by a small, global network of individuals. Check out our list of open positions below and apply to join our team!


The HRC team relies on the drive and passion of our members to fulfill our ambitious mission. As we are completely volunteer-based, all opportunities are unpaid and remote. Interested applicants must work well independently, take initiative and pursue creative approaches to problem solving.

View our current openings below:


To apply, please complete the application forms available in the listings above. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For questions, please reach out to [email protected]. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible!

HRC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion starts with the perspectives and experiences of our team. We strongly encourage applicants from underrepresented communities to apply.


  • My academic/professional background isn’t directly related to human rights. Can I still apply for an internship?

Yes! At HRC we value diversity and inclusion and are happy to consider individuals from unique backgrounds and experiences. Please visit the internship listings to learn more about our qualifications.

  • I’m interested in interning, but I’m not available for the current period. Should I still apply?

Thanks for your interest! You can send us an email at [email protected] letting us know you’d like to apply in the near future and when you plan to apply. In the meantime, sign up for our recruitment e-mail list and get instantly notified of future openings!

  • I want to apply for a position but I don’t meet all of the technical qualifications. Should I still apply?

Yes, we encourage you to apply! We want people who are willing to stretch their skills and will provide you with enough support and mentoring for that to happen.

  • Are your internships paid or unpaid?

As with all of our current positions, internships are unpaid and volunteer-based. However, we are willing to work with your school or university to help obtain academic credit.

  • Are your internships in-person or remote?

HRC is a 100% remote-based organization, so interns work digitally with our team of collaborators.

  • Where are HRC headquarters?

In order to comply with 501(c)(3) status in the United States, our associated organization address is listed as Washington, D.C., but HRC operations are entirely digital-based.

  • Do you offer any grants or scholarships to students?

No, HRC does not offer financial assistance such as grants or scholarships.

  • Can students receive college credit through one of HRC’s internships?

No, students don’t earn college credit for an HRC internship. While our internships offer an extended learning experience, HRC isn’t affiliated with higher educational institutions. However, we are willing to work with your university or college decision to arrange academic credit if you are eligible.

  • What is the time commitment for one of HRC’s internships?

The weekly number of hours averages around 10-15, but we don’t utilize a monitoring system to track intern’s hours. Since this is an unpaid volunteer-based position, we are mindful of professional, academic, and social schedules. It is likely that your time commitment will vary depending on projects and tasks.

  • How does an HRC internship benefit me?

You will receive hands-on experience working with a dynamic, diverse and international team. If you’re interested or passionate about human rights and civil resistance, then this is a great learning opportunity for you. Join us


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