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This compendium aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for civil society actors engaging in the third cycle of the UPR and is presented in four parts. Part 1 offers a concise introduction to the UPR. Following this, Part 2 provides an up to date guide for civil society on how best to engage with the UPR. Part 3 offers advice, and examples of best practices, for strengthening national CSO coalitions, specifically relating to the UPR. Finally, Part 4 provides non-state actors in the UPR with a resources toolkit for engagement.

The aim of the Indigenous Fellowship Programme is to give indigenous persons the opportunity to gain knowledge on the UN system and mechanisms dealing with human rights issues in general and indigenous issues in particular. Trained participants are better equipped to assist their organisations and communities in protecting and promoting their rights. This training programme is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian.

In this article, Professor Joshua Cooper outlines the process by which women might use the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women to hold their governments accountable to preserving their rights.