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The Emirates Centre for Human Rights (ECHR) is an independent and non-governmental organisation established to promote the defence of human rights in the United Arab Emirates. Through building strong relationships with the media, parliaments and other relevant organisations outside the UAE, it seeks to promote the pursuit of human rights and highlight abuses where they take place.

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London, UK

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United Arab Emirates

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  1. Fatima - Reply

    Asalam o alikum
    M kaneez fatima from pakistan..i have 3 children we belong to middle class family my husband not alive ..i m requesting to u kindly help me.my financially circimstance are very week ee cant survive..my elder child doing job in IT deprtment but his sallrey are very low plz if its possible give my child in job dubai in IT deparment he is qulifeid he is very hard working n ohnest with his work ..kindly its my request listen my voice thanx slot

    • Isabelle Gius - Reply

      Dear Fatima,

      Thank you for your comment. If you would like to contact the Emirates Center for Human Rights, you may do so through their website here: http://www.echr.org.uk/en. To clarify, while this organization is a resource in our Organizations Index, Human Rights Connected is not directly affiliated with them in any way. We are a resource- and knowledge-sharing platform, but unfortunately cannot provide direct assistance.

      We do not provide job assistance, and I suspect that the Emirates Center for Human Rights likewise might not be able to help your son find a job. There are many human rights organizations based in Pakistan who might be able to help you, however, and you can use our website to search for them. Click on the Organizations tab, then Search – or you can also type ‘Pakistan’ into the search bar on the top right. Once you find an organization, you can find out more information through clicking the Home icon Home Page button under the Organizational Links section at the bottom of the entry.


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