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The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization Working actively in building capacities of a number of organizations, networks and coalitions that are the most active in implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the Convention on the Elimination of all Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Beijing Platform…

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Organization logo: National Network for the Right of Access to Information

The National Network for the Right of Access to Information is a multi-sectoral group formed on April 11, 2008 upon the initiative of the Lebanese Parliamentarians against Corruption (LebPAC), the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) and Association pour la Defense des Droits et des Libertes (ADDL), in collaboration with the American Bar Association (ABA) Rule of…

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Organization logo: The Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA)

LTA’s mission is to curb corruption in its various forms, and at different levels of society and state. LTA seeks to promote principles of transparency and accountability, establish the rule of law, and strengthen the respect of basic rights as declared in international charters and the Lebanese Constitution. In its attempt to curb corruption, LTA…

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Organization logo: We, The Protestors

We, The Protestors exists as a space for protestors nationwide to access the tools and resources to mobilize and organize It is a hub and a source of information. This will never replace the pace and power of Twitter, the flow of Tumblr, or the grace of Instagram – social media has sustained the movement.…

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Organization Logo: ACCEPT Romania

ACCEPT is the first Romanian non-governmental organization that defends and promotes the rights of LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bisexuals,transgenders) at the national level. Their mission is to protect and promote of the rights of the LGBT persons in Romania as human rights.  

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The Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN) is an informal grouping of NGOs operating at EU level in the broader areas of human rights, democracy and conflict prevention. The vision of the HRDN is that human rights and democracy are placed at the heart of the European Union’s internal and external policy agenda. This vision…

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Organization logo: Transparency Vanuatu

Transparency Vanuatu was established in 2001 as a charitable organisation, assigned to combat corruption and promote good governance in Vanuatu. Transparency Vanuatu believes that the people of Vanuatu are entitled to have access to information which is helpful to them so that better decisions can be made from the community level up to the national…

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Organization logo: Association for Support and Training of Women Candidates (KA-DER)

Based in Istanbul, KA-DER works to provide equal representation, effective roles, and prevention of discrimination in politics and decision making process against women. Opposed to the dominance of men in the political life, it strives to raise the political consciousness of women and the sensitivity to women

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Organization logo: Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV)

The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) aims to strengthen the legal, fiscal and operational infrastructure of the third sector in Turkey. It focuses on NGO law reform initiative, information sharing and research, national and international networking, and training and development. TUSEV promotes a legally and fiscally enabling environment for nonprofit organizations, develops human, financial,…

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