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Organizations & Initiatives

  • Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

    Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo es una organización no gubernamental creada en 1977 cuyo objetivo es localizar y restituir a sus legítimas familias todos los niños desaparecidos por la última dictadura argentina. Las Abuelas siguen buscando a sus nietos, hoy adultos, pero también a sus bisnietos -que, como sus padres, ven violado su derecho a la identidad-, y con esta finalidad trabajan los equipos técnicos de la institución, además de crear las condiciones para que nunca más se repita tan terrible violación de los derechos de los niños y exigir castigo a todos los responsables de estos gravísimos delitos.

  • ACCEPT Romania

    ACCEPT is the first Romanian non-governmental organization that defends and promotes the rights of LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals,transgenders) at the national level. Their mission is to protect and promote of the rights of the LGBT persons in Romania as human rights.

  • Access Now

    Access Now defends and extends the digital rights of users at risk around the world. By combining innovative policy, global advocacy, and direct technical support, they fight for open and secure communications for all.

  • ACT UP New York

    ACT UP New York, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, is a diverse non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis.

  • Acting for Women in Distressing Situations (ASEFIP)

    Acting for Women in Distressing Situations (ASEFIP) Cambodia works to care for and secure the rights of those victimized by human trafficking and sex slavery, and to successfully rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors into mainstream society through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner. AFESIP Cambodia also seeks to combat the causes and consequences of trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation through outreach work in HIV/ AIDS prevention, advocacy work, campaigning, and representation and participation in women

  • Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS (AGHA)

    The Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS (AGHA) is a health rights advocacy organization in Uganda dedicated to raising awareness of the human rights aspects of health, and improving the quality of health and healthcare for all Ugandans. Grounded in a rights-based approach, AGHA mobilizes health professionals, in collaboration with communities, to be health rights advocates promoting equity and social justice for all Ugandans, with a particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations.

  • Action on Disability and Development International (ADD)

    Action on Disability and Development International (ADD) works with local partners, disability rights organisations, governments and academic institutions to promote the inclusion, empowerment and positive change for disabled people.

  • Action pour les Enfants (APLE)

    Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), Cambodia is a non-governmental human rights organization established to combat the sexual exploitation of children. APLE seeks to monitor the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Cambodia and denounce such abuse to the relevant authorities.

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