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New Tactics in Human Rights has developed this Strategy Toolkit to support the important work of human rights advocates around the world. Creating change is challenging. If we’re clear about where we are starting from, where we want to get to, and the path from one to the other, we’re more likely to get there. In each section of this Strategy Toolkit you will find information developed by New Tactics and members of our community to help you create effective strategies for your human rights work.

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NGO  |   Advocacy  |   Children's rights  |  
Organization logo: Defence for Children International (DCI)

Defence for Children International is an independent non-governmental organisation that has been promoting and protecting children

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NGO  |   Advocacy  |   Economic and social rights  |  
Organization logo: International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)

International Labor Rights Forum is a human rights organization that advocates for workers globally. ILRF’s work is three-fold: They hold global corporations accountable for labor rights violations in their supply chains; they advance policies and laws that protect workers; and they strengthen worker’s ability to advocate for their rights.

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Human Trafficking Search is a multilingual resource with a focus on sex trafficking, child labor, and forced labor. It provides relevant and easily accessible informational resources for policy advisors, law enforcement and direct service providers. Human Trafficking Search is a groundbreaking portal that is searchable by keyword, by country, and by theme in 14 languages,…

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NGO  |   Education  |   Children's rights  |  
Organization logo: Child-Watch Phuket

Child-Watch Phuket aims to help children under 18 years old from being abused, to save children systematically and professionally, to create awareness on children’s rights, and to provide needy children with welfare and basic education.

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