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Child Rights International Network (CRIN)’s case studies illustrate how strategic litigation works in practice by asking the people involved about their experience. They aim to cover a wide range of violations and jurisdictions, and publicise little-known cases. By sharing these stories CRIN hopes to not only raise awareness of challenges to children’s rights violations around the world, but also give you the tools to challenge similar violations where you live.

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Child Soldiers International collaborate with communities, helping them to safeguard their children from recruiters, while also building information about the problem and developing effective responses. They engage with national and international authorities to better protect children’s rights.

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Organization logo: End Military Use of Schools (EMUS)

Around the world, armies and rebel groups are taking over schools and universities, turning safe places of learning into places of war. In classrooms, soldiers sleep and store weapons. In school offices, they detain and torture suspects. Playgrounds become training grounds. School grounds become battlegrounds. Here, students from around the world call for an end…

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Much has been written on the Kony 2012 phenomenon by journalists, bloggers and academics. This talk briefly summarizes some thoughts on the successes and failures of the initial Kony 2012 campaign, but then, more importantly, explores the ways in which Invisible Children has responded to criticism and adapted its messaging, and asks what lessons can be learned by the human rights advocacy community from Kony 2012 and Invisible Children’s subsequent actions.

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