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This report provides core information in relation to legislation a ecting people on the basis of their sexual orientation, additional information and articles providing the necessary context to understand the impact of said legislation on the lives of people, and ways to initiate or follow up the process leading to change where needed.

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SOA Watch organized this handbook as a tool for learning about different aspects of nonviolent civil disobedience actions. On this, its third printing, SOA Watch is proud to say it has been used by activists using nonviolent direct action concerning a variety of issues, including: AIDS, activism, toxic waste protests, disabilities awareness, battered women protests, gay rights, abortion clinic escorts, weapons protests, anti-Gulf War actions, anti-violence protests, and more.

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Organization Logo: ACCEPT Romania

ACCEPT is the first Romanian non-governmental organization that defends and promotes the rights of LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bisexuals,transgenders) at the national level. Their mission is to protect and promote of the rights of the LGBT persons in Romania as human rights.  

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This study guide provides an introduction to sexual orientation and human rights, the rights at stake for LGBT individuals, instruments for protection and promotion of LGBT rights, advocacy, educational and training materials, and more.

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