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The Dream Defenders is a multiracial group of young people who are organizing to build power in their communities to advance a new vision for the state. Their agenda is called the Freedom Papers. Through it, they are advancing their vision of safety and security – away from prisons, deportation, and war – and towards…

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This is the second edition of the annual European Islamophobia Report (EIR) whichwas presented for the first time in 2015. New countries are included in this year’s
EIR; while 25 countries were covered in 2015, the report for 2016 includes 27 country
reports. EIR 2016 is the result of 31 prominent scholars who specialize in different
fields such as racism, gender and Islamophobia Studies. In the years to come we
will attempt to include more countries in our report. Our final aim is to cover and
monitor the developments of Islamophobia in all European countries.

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