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Organization logo: Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA)

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) is an independent federation of progressive peoples organizations, most of them grassroots-based organizations among indigenous communities in the Cordillera Region, Philippines. CPA is committed to the promotion and defense of indigenous peoples’ rights, human rights, social justice, and national freedom and democracy.  

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One way to ensure the safety of human rights defenders is to provide visible recognition to their work through the use of appropriate publicity and raising their profiles in the media. The following is a list of organizations sorted by region that offer awards, fellowships, and sponsorship programs.

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This Guide focuses on how civil society can follow up on recommendations of United Nations (UN) human rights mechanisms and mandates or bodies; explains ‘follow-up’ and ‘implementation;’ describes methods and activities that civil society actors (CSAs) can use; reviews existing follow-up procedures and practices of UN human rights mechanisms and how CSAs can participate; and refers to tools to facilitate civil society follow-up activities.

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Organization logo: Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Info

UPR Info’s mission is to promote and strengthen the United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by raising awareness, providing capacity-building tools, and bridging all different stakeholders of the UPR process in order to ensure the universal advancement of human rights. UPR Info’s website provides database, tutorials and comprehensive documentation since 2008.

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Organization logo: Media Legal Defense Initiative (MLDI)

The Media Legal Defence Initiative is a non-governmental organisation which helps journalists, bloggers and independent media outlets around the world defend their rights. They help journalists who publish via print, broadcast or the internet, by making sure they have good lawyers to defend them. If necessary they pay legal fees and work alongside lawyers to…

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The grants and technical assistance of the Fund for Global Human Rights are focused on crucial and difficult work that otherwise might falter for lack of resources, bring financial stability to human rights groups, and help human rights defenders increase their visibility and impact. The Fund supports a wide range of human rights issues, such as defending indigenous land rights in Guatemala, promoting women’s rights in Morocco, pressing for accountability for war crimes in West Africa, and ending the practice of bonded labor (a form of slavery) in India.

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Organization logo: NGO Fund in Romania

The overall objective of the NGO Fund in Romania is “Strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development”. The Programme will contribute to the overall objectives of the EEA Financial Mechanism to reduce economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and to strengthen bilateral relations between Romania…

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Organization logo: Roma Women Association in Romania (RWAR)

The Roma Women Association in Romania (RAWR) is a non-governmental organization active operating in human rights protection and social inclusion since 1996. Its mission is to defend the rights of Roma women and provide support for the development and expression of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity of its members.

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