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The mission of Justice for Iran (JFI) is to address and eradicate the practice of impunity that empowers officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran to perpetrate widespread human right violations against their people, and to hold them accountable for their actions. To achieve its mission, JFI researches, documents, validates, and litigates individual cases. It…

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Organization logo: CamASEAN Youth's Future (CamASEAN)

CamASEAN has mission of combating discrimination against minority diversity people include LGBT, young girls live with HIV/AIDs, sex workers, drug user, disable girls, widow/single mothers, elderly, indigenous and other ethnic people in Cambodia.

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The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation contribute towards the protection, promotion and consolidation of good governance by empowering rural and urban communities in Malawi to be aware of and exercise their rights through research, advocacy and net-working in order to realize human development.

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