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This document is meant to help you take some precaution and map how you plan on acting, engaging, or abstaining from action in November. Remember: each of us has a different risk model, meaning that we each know best what we can or can’t handle, have capacity for, or expertise on. Your safety plan should serve you and people you care about. Not having some of the items of this list does not reflect a lack of preparation — you can best assess. A recommended way to use this list is to make a copy, share with friends, and check the things you feel/have, and then make a plan to get anything missing.

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This page from Ssense is a compilation of links, resources, guides, and writings. If you are looking to donate funds, volunteer time, educate yourself on complex topics, this is where we’ll post it; if you are looking for ways to stay safe while protesting, know your rights, or participate in actions and demonstrations from home, this is where you’ll find it. While primarily focused on North America, they are also incorporating information from international sources. They will be updating it on an ongoing basis, and have committed to vetting everything included here to ensure it is inclusive, current, accurate, and transparent.

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