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Organization logo: United for Human Rights (UHR)

United for Human Right (UHR)’s purpose is to provide human rights educational resources and activities that inform, assist and unite individuals, educators, organizations and governmental bodies in the dissemination and adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at every level of society.

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As the largest privately funded agency in the Americas offering free help to homeless kids, Covenant House provides 24/7 crisis care and on-going support for kids and teenagers in need of a safe place to go.

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Organization logo: Comunidad Andina

Somos una comunidad de países que nos unimos voluntariamente con el objetivo de alcanzar un desarrollo integral, más equilibrado y autónomo, mediante la integración andina, suramericana y latinoamericana.

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Mith Samlanh / Friends assists homeless and vulnerable street children and adolescents, including their families, who are at high risk of exploitation and physical and emotional abuse, especially through forced commercial sex and violence in the streets. In order to increase Mith Samlanh’s sustainability and to provide former street youth more opportunities for their futures,…

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Organization Logo: Acting for Women in Distressing Situations (ASEFIP)

Acting for Women in Distressing Situations (ASEFIP) Cambodia works to care for and secure the rights of those victimized by human trafficking and sex slavery, and to successfully rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors into mainstream society through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner. AFESIP Cambodia also seeks to combat the causes and consequences of…

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