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Organization logo: Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA)

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) is an independent federation of progressive peoples organizations, most of them grassroots-based organizations among indigenous communities in the Cordillera Region, Philippines. CPA is committed to the promotion and defense of indigenous peoples’ rights, human rights, social justice, and national freedom and democracy.  

Organization logo: Eri-Platform

Eri-Platform, an international non-profit association, avails a forum for inclusive dialogue on important national, regional and international issues and events affecting Eritrea and the Horn of Africa. It advocates positive national conversation through online discussions and in-person seminars, to help mediate conflict, bridge divides, cultivate a shared vision in the pursuit of common goals among…

Organization logo: Civic Charter – The Global Framework for People’s Participation

The Civic Charter provides a global framework for people’s participation in shaping their societies. The two-page document, which people and organisations can sign on to and use as a basis for joint action, articulates a common set of civic and political rights. Based on universally accepted human rights, freedoms and principles, the Civic Charter serves…

The ITUC’s primary mission is the promotion and defense of workers’ rights and interests, through international cooperation between trade unions, global campaigning and advocacy within the major global institutions. The site is in French.

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Somos una organización sindical nacional, clasista, democrática, solidaria, progresista y unitaria que representa a los trabajadores y trabajadoras de construcción civil, que contribuye al desarrollo del país y lucha permanentemente por mejorar las condiciones de vida, trabajo y justicia social para trabajadores, trabajadoras y pueblo en general.

Organization logo: Red Solidaria

La Red Solidaria es una suma de voluntades en comunión con una infinidad de necesidades. Son ellos los que cuentan: los que esperan una oportunidad, los que necesitan de nuestro aliento y nuestro compromiso. Y este es el momento para que ese compromiso se consolide en una transformación social concreta.

SOA Watch organized this handbook as a tool for learning about different aspects of nonviolent civil disobedience actions. On this, its third printing, SOA Watch is proud to say it has been used by activists using nonviolent direct action concerning a variety of issues, including: AIDS, activism, toxic waste protests, disabilities awareness, battered women protests, gay rights, abortion clinic escorts, weapons protests, anti-Gulf War actions, anti-violence protests, and more.

Organization logo: Burma Partnership (BP)

Burma Partnership is a network of organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, advocating for and mobilizing a movement for democracy and human rights in Burma. They draw strength from the diversity of their partners, from the multi-ethnic leadership of political and civil society organizations both inside Burma and in exile, to their partners and broad-based solidarity…